Employer Corner: How to make the right choice?

Our company thrives on its core values and the service it offers to the society. For an effective functioning, any organization must require the right kind of employee for the right role. Finding the right employee is a task in itself, which requires a systematic approach.

  • Define The Role
  • Determine The Innate Character Required For The Role
  • Arrive At The Skills And Responsibilities The Role Demands
  • Research The Educational Qualification Required For The Role
  • Determine The Experience Range Required For Polishing The Required Skills.

With the above points, one can arrive at the profile requirement of the prospective employee. Another important aspect which has to be decided beforehand is the salary or compensation. Based on a company’s budget and market rate, one has to arrive at a range – minimum to maximum for the average to satisfy the talented individuals being hired for the required position

How to conduct an effective interview?

An interview is the first in-person meeting of the prospective employer and prospective employee. Here, an attempt is made at understanding the prospective employee better. A good interview can be divided into 3 phases to serve the intended purpose…

  • Opening Phase – it begins the moment the prospective employee steps into the interviewing room. 3 main factors to be kept in mind:
  • Punctuality (keeping up with the interview time)

The level of Enthusiasm (the body language)

Professionalism (by the greeting, attire, and conduct) 

  • Active Questioning Phase – related to the role and the qualification stated by the individual can be asked in this phase. Some questions are not direct (which have a monosyllabic answer) and others are descriptive which help in ascertaining the employee’s worth. It is important to ask few non-routine or unusual questions to reveal the employee’s hidden character. 
  • Final Phase – once the employer is satisfied with the conduct of an employee, he/she can proceed on to this final phase in which the prospective employee is familiarized with the company’s policies and work culture, prior to negotiating on the salary package. 

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