Guidance For Successful Selection

Our company strongly believes that we positively contribute to the overall success of the candidates’ selection and placement process. It is indeed our responsibility to support and guide our candidates in order to allow them to walk into their first interviews fully prepared.

The below process that our company follows give our candidates a greater chance of being hired:

Before the Interview

  • Giving the candidate time – Once your CV has been selected, we give the candidate a couple of days’ notice so they can make the necessary arrangements to get to the interview.
  • Explaining the interview structure – If there are going to be expected to take tests or bring in samples of their work, we make sure to tell them so they can come fully prepared.
  • Explaining the process – Even before the Client meets the candidate, we inform them about the hiring decision and how many stages of interview they will have to undergo.

During the Interview

  • Putting candidates at ease – Interviews can be stressful, so we encourage the candidates to do their full research and come in 15 minutes before the interview to avoid any hassle with parking space, traffic jams and other unexpected circumstances.
  • First impressions matter – Unfortunately, in today’s society research indicates that “First Impressions” can drastically influence a Clients perception about a candidate, as soon as they walk into the interview. We strongly encourage candidates to come in presentable, groomed, and confident, as it gives them an upper hand over the other applicants.
  • Telling the candidate a little about the job – Plan Manpower will always try to provide the candidate with as much information as possible , yet , we also request for our Clients to walk the candidate through a brief summary of the position, including the prime responsibilities, reporting structure, key challenges, and performance criteria.
  • Don’t be hesitant to improvise – Plan your questions, but don’t feel you must ask only those you have chosen in advance. Be responsive to what the Client tells you, and build new questions accordingly
  • Listen – If you are doing most of the talking during an interview, you will not be able to obtain enough information , hence be attentive and listen carefully to the Client’s questions
  • Client invites candidates to ask questions – This can be the most valuable part of the interview. Why do they want to be here? Is it the challenge of the job, advances in the industry, or something specific about the company? Or is the candidate fixated on salary, benefits, and time off? If the candidate has no questions this could be perceived as a red flag, especially for senior-level employees. 

After the Interview

  • Letting candidates know – At Plan Manpower we make sure that our job seekers are not left hanging after an interview, or that the promised follow-up never comes. If the candidate is a good fit for the Client and we are informed of the same, hence, we will instantly inform the candidate of the next step. And on the other hand, if the candidate is not a good fit, we make sure to make the call as soon as possible out of courtesy. 
  • Second round interview – at times the Client might request for the candidate to come in for another round of interview, there is absolutely no need to worry at this point in time, this could be simply because the position that the candidate is hired for is at a very senior level and requires more than one personnel from the Client’s end to conduct the interview once again.

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