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To our Clients, we Promise…

  • We will accurately represent our skills, recognizing our limitations and only offering professional services that we feel competent to provide.
  • We will accurately represent what our practice is capable of in all marketing, advertising and promotional materials.
  • We will inform you of any conditions that we aware of that could limit our effectiveness.
  • We will place our best interest first and foremost, making reasonably certain that we have the necessary skills and resources to provide the support needed before entering into a collaborative partnership with you.
  • We will clearly communicate the terms and conditions of our relationship, identifying the responsibilities of all parties, and documenting these provisions in a signed agreement.
  • We will honor our contracts, agreements and commitments.
  • We will only make commitments that are within our power and abilities to deliver.
  • We will accept responsibility for the work we do, admit mistakes and do our part to rectify any problems that arise.
  • We will maintain the highest level of professionalism, and refrain from misrepresenting any authority entrusted to us.
  • We will safeguard and protect any private and confidential information you entrust to us.
  • We will not release any of your information to any party whatsoever unless you give us explicit instruction or consent to do so.
  • We will ensure that electronic and hardcopy record disposal is handled in a confidential and secure manner.
  • We will do our utmost to protect your interests and reputation by conducting ourselves as a professional ambassador and representative of your business during the course of our work together.

Core Service

We offer placement in reputed organizations and provide staffing solutions for the following sectors

  • Hospitality Sector – Complete staffing solutions are provided for hotels, resorts, restaurants, cafeterias, entertainment centers, catering companies etc. If you are looking for a job in hotels based around the world, Plan Manpower Limited is the right choice.
  • Oil And Gas Industry – Experienced engineers, technicians and skilled candidates to work in oil based companies (On Shore and Off Shore).
  • Retail – Marketing Professionals, Store managers and Sales executives of diverse ethnic backgrounds can be recruited by us. Overall, Middle-east is considered to be a hot destination for sales jobs.
  • Health Care – We have a good database of Qualified Medical Professionals of all specializations, nurses and paramedical staff. Doctors, nurses and paramedical staff can find employment in reputed hospitals across globe.
  • Defense – Staffing solutions for maintenance of naval camps, skilled and unskilled people for the sector can be provided.
  • Finance and Accounting – We offer executive management positions and accounting professionals for this sector.
  • Real Estate –  Right from civil engineers, architects to skilled resources like electricians, plumbers, construction workers etc.

Candidates Pool

As one of the leading recruitment and placement agency in Kenya, Plan Manpower Ltd has a high level of knowledge and experience in devising and executing strategies to attain a competitive edge. Through this experience we know where and when to advertise, whether this be client specific or general advertising. We work closely with a creative team to ensure we create eye catching, progressive and clear advertising and marketing strategies.

One of the most effective ways of sourcing candidates in high volume quantities is via recruitment drives. Meeting consultants face to face provides a welcome level of comfort to candidates and offers candidates the opportunity to assess their options.

Our current marketing initiatives include, a direct reaches on an international pool of experienced and certified professionals by:

  • Recruitment drives that focus on volume recruitment
  • Regularly attending open days and trade shows
  • On-going and innovative direct mail
  • E-mail campaigns
  • Advertising in major newspapers throughout East Africa.
  • Listing on Google, Yahoo and  search engines
  • Advertising via SMS alerts to Plan Manpower candidate database
  • Promoting our ‘Refer a Friend’ program
  • Plan Manpower’s website
  • Seek – volume discounted advertising rates
  • Utilizing our extensive database of prospective candidates
  • Plan Manpower on Facebook and other social media platforms


70% of all companies in the private sector outsource some or all of their HR function.

Outsourcing is partially popular in areas where specialist knowledge is at a premium, with employment law, payroll, training and recruitment & selection being seen as being more effectively managed by an external supplier.

PLAN Manpower HR is the regions number one HR outsourcing company, we provide cost effective HR solutions for companies that do not require a full time HR manager but still require a system in place and to ensure compliance with federal law.

We take away the administration, stress and time so leading managers can concentrate on their core business.

Our clients continue to use us and recommend us because they know we can deliver a model that suits their needs and fits with their individual HR agenda. Each of our consultants is committed to delivering a high impact, flexible service that:

  • Offer increased value for money.
  • Is proactive in its approach to operational and strategic issues.
  • Offers independent advice and is not afraid to challenge conventionally held wisdom.
  • Includes extensive resources for projects and line managers.
  • Is innovative in its approach to contemporary HR practice.
  • Encourages you to manage risk effectively and with confidence.
  • Continually strives to increase the skill sets of line managers.

Our Team

At Plan Manpower Limited, you will come across hardworking and dedicated team of individuals specializing in the various aspects of RPO, labour outsourcing and consultancy services, yet working in collaboration to deliver the best services. Our team comprises of well qualified talent from reputed institutions, who work closely with Client in designing a custom fit business plan.

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